Function & Responsibility


1. Regulatory functions viz: Processing of proposals for grant of Petroleum Exploration Licenses (PELs) & Petroleum Mining Leases (PMLs) for Oil, Gas & Coal Bed Methane from Administrative Department level with prior approval from MoPNG
2. Effective enforcement of Rules & Regulations viz; Oil Field (Regulation & Development) Act, 1948 & Petroleum & Natural Gas Rules, 1959 etc.
3. Collection of Revenues from Petroleum Sector.
4. Pursuance of various issues such as implementation of Minimum Work Programme of awarded blocks for Oil, Gas & CBM under NELP / CBM Policy regime.


1. Hydrocarbon administration and optimization
2. Planned & Sustainable Development of Hydrocarbon Resources.
3. Adhering to the time frame of Exploration & Exploitation.
4. Compliance of Committed Minimum Work Programme.
5. Monitoring of Oil & Gas Exploration & Development Activities & other allied activities viz: City Gas
6. Distribution, Shale Gas, Coal to Liquid (CTL) etc

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