In Rajasthan, Petroleum Exploration & Development Activities have now gained momentum after the largest oil discovery Mangla in 2004 in Barmer-Sanchore Basin over the last two decades of the Country and high quality gas reserves in Jaisalmer & Barmer-Sanchore Basins. Presently, exploration for Oil, Gas and shale oil is underway in 13 PMLs & 14 PELs of Rajasthan by National / Multinational and Private Companies against the 21 blocks carved out covering about 60,000 sq. km area.

Though Rajasthan has maximum on-land area (i.e. 1,50,000 sq. km) of the country having potential for hydrocarbon exploration. Presently, 11 Blocks are under exploration as 10 blocks were awarded in OALP bidding process by MoP&NG, GoI. 3 more blocks have recentyly been awarded under OALP.

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