Land Mark Development

Land mark Development in Hydrocarbon Sector of the State

• Rajasthan has significant resource potential of hydrocarbons under 4 Petroliferous Basins. Due to hydrocarbon prospectively, 3 Petroliferous Basins of Rajasthan have been upgraded into Category-I i.e. equivalent to Bombay High, Assam and Gujarat.

• These 4 basins falls in the 14 Districts of the State namely Barmer, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Jalore, Jodhpur, Kota, Jhalawar, Baran, Bundi, Bhilwara, Churu and Chittorgarh spread over an area of 1,50,000 sq km.

• Rajasthan has immense investment opportunities in Upstream, Midstream & Downstream hydrocarbon sector. Pursuant to liberalization Policy in Petroleum Sector, E&P activities in the State have been increased manifold. Maximum on-land exploration has been undertaken in the State covering 60,000 sq. km under 21 Blocks for Oil and Gas. Presently, exploration/exploitation is underway in 13 blocks (PMLs) and 11 Petroleum Exploration Licenses (PELs).

• New Blocks of Rajasthan comprising 8 from Barmer-Sanchore Basin and 2 from Bikaner-Nagaur Basin/Jaisalmer Basin have been awarded under OALP by MoPNG shortly for oil & gas exploration.

• In Rajasthan, a total of 990 wells were drilled out of which 783 wells by Cairn Energy in District Barmer & Jalore and 207 wells by Focus Energy, Essar Oil, HoEC, GSPC, ONGC, OIL, ENI GAIL in Districts Jaisalmer, Ganganagar & Bikaner.

Discovery Fields of Crude oil, Heavy oil and Natural gas

The State Government has sanctioned 13 Petroleum Mining Leases (covering an area of 4652.9 sq. km) for exploitation of Crude oil, Heavy oil and Natural gas

Crude oil

• 38 Oil & Gas fields discovered in Barmer-Sanchore Basin namely Guda, Saraswati, Kaameshwari- I, Raag Oil, Shakti, Vijaya, Vandana, Mangla, Bhagyam, Aishwariya, GSV, Bhagyam South, N-C West, NI, Raageshwari Deep Gas, Mangla Barmer HIll, Shakti NE-I, N-P, NE, Kameshwari West-2, Kameshwari West-3, Kameshwari West-6, Tukaram, Aishwariya Barmer Hill, Raag South –I, NL, Guda south-7, DP-1, V2Y Channel, NR-3-2100, Aishwariya-46, S-L-1, Kaam West-8 (KT & DD, Saraswati SW-I, Saraswati-4 Basement, Raageshwari N-I, N-I-North, Saraswati Crest-I.

• . Mangla Oil discovery of Barmer-Sanchore Basin has been rated as one of the biggest on-land discovery of the country in over two decades.

• As per the latest estimates Cairn India, 5.2 billion barrels (i.e. 725 million tonnes) of oil equivalent resources can be tapped from Unconventional and Tight Reservoirs in Barmer-Sanchore Basin. The MoP&NG, GOI has granted permission to Cairn India for exploration in lease-hold area for the same.

• A total of 768.28 lakh metric tonnes (551.92 million barrels) of crude oil has been produced from Barmer-Sanchore Basin w.e.f 29.08.2009 to March, 2020.

Heavy oil

• Oil India has entered into an agreement with Venezuelan Company PDVSA for the exploitation of proved in-place Heavy Oil Resource of 25 million tonnes and Bitumen Reserves of 53 million tonnes.

• Oil India Ltd in association with Venezuelan PDVSA Company has undertaken trial production of Heavy Oil in Baghewala area and has produced about 64 metric tonnes of heavy oil in 2009.

• OIL has planned to drill 3 more pilot wells to establish further producibility from Poonam discovery field and Baghewala Petroleum Mining lease.

Natural gas

• Intensive exploration undertaken by ONGC, Oil India and Focus Energy in Jaisalmer Basin have resulted into discovery of 30 billion cubic meter of Natural gas from their gas fields namely Manhera Tibba, Tannot, Dandewala, Chinnewala Tibba area and SGL Field (Shahgarh) respectively.

• Presently, 2.9.-3.2 mmscmd Natural Gas is being produced by Oil India, ONGC & Focus Energy to supply 110+160 MW units of Ramgarh Power Plant.

• Production of Natural gas has also been commenced from Raageshwari Deep Gas Field of Barmer Basin, and about 1.6 mmscmd is being utilized for internal production operation & transportation and about 0.8 mmscmd is being supplied to GNFC & KRIBHCO.

Petroleum Production & Revenue Realization

Years Production rate per day Royalty (Crude Oil-20% & Natural Gas-10%) Dead Rent, PEL fee, etc.
Crude Oil(in lac barrels) Natural Gas(in lac cubic meter)




110.49 crores




1630.28 crores


1.25 - 1.50


3435.61 crores




5069.88 crores


1.75 - 1.90


5953.11 crores


1.75 - 2.00


4849.67 crores


1.65 - 1.70


2341.43 crores


1.65 - 1.70


2331.73 crores


1.55 - 1.60


2579.08 crores


1.45 - 1.655


3883.22 crores


1.30 - 1.40


3320.10 crores


35504.67 Crore

E & P Companies and R & D Activities

• Besides National Oil & Gas Companies viz. ONGC, Oil India Ltd, GAIL and BPRL; the reputed Multinational and Private Companies like Cairn (Scotland), Birk Beck (Mauritius), HOEC, Focus Energy, Geoglobal, Jindal Petroleum are actively engaged in Oil & Gas exploration in Rajasthan.

• Under the grant-in-aid provided by OIDB for undertaking CBM Project in Barmer- Sanchore Basin and Bikaner Nagaur Basin, 116 LKM of HRSS and 4 coreholes were drilled to ascertain the presence of deep-seated lignite.

• A team of experts of Uzbekcoal visited the Goliya Block of Barmer- Sanchore Basin in 2011 to undertake preliminary assessment for generation of Syn-gas from deep seated Lignite deposit by technique of Underground Coal/ Lignite Gasification (UCG).

• An MOU was entered between GAIL and Government of Rajasthan for development of underground Coal/Lignite Gasification in Rajasthan in September, 2015 for utilizing the reserves of lignite occurring at 200-500 mt depths in Barmer-Sanchore Basin.

• 9 MoUs have been entered for Resurgent Rajasthan Summit, 2015, in Petroleum Sector for an investment of Rs. 30,530 Cr in E&P activities and infrastructure development in Petroleum Sector.

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